Terms and Conditions


1. Must be at least 8 years old in order to represent SMFCF.
2. Attend SMFCF events.
3. Ambassadors must have parental consent to participation if under 18.
4. Membership dues are $40 and will include SMFCF gear upon joining.
5. Term of membership will be yearly.

Role of an ambassador

1. To promote the enthusiasm for the sport of fishing as well as environmental conservation efforts. 
2. To educate others and exemplify responsible angling techniques and how to be a good steward of our environment.
3. To promote participation in SMFCF events through personal networking and/or social media platforms.

Benefits of being an Ambassador

1. Being a SMFC Ambassador is strictly voluntary.
2. In exchange for help in promotions and event participation, Ambassadors will receive a letter of recommendation (upon request) and an opportunity to build their resume through their work with an environmental nonprofit.
3. Letter certifying volunteer hours can also be sent to schools, employers, and other organizations upon request.
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